The Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust photos of Cyrille

Strike a Change mentoring project

The Strike A Change Mentoring programme is the inaugural initiative of the establishment of a charity the 'Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust' set up by members of Cyrille’s family to continue the great community work he was involved in.  The trust is a registered charity and limited company by guarantee with a strong board of Trustee’s who ensure the effective governance of the Trust.  

Strike A Change is a collaboration between all six West Midland Football Club Foundations and the Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust.  The programme is targeted at 14-15 year old young people who demonstrate a passion for football and are considered to be disengaged in school or within their community.  These young people have been primarily selected from existing KICKS programmes and projects run in conjunction with schools where KICKS does not exist.  We deliver weekly sessions with the young people at their specific foundation location around the Cyrille Standard and then meet collectively as a whole group from across the six foundations at one of the stadiums where CRLT bring in inspirational mentors who share the benefit of their acquired wisdom and experience of being involved in football and beyond; to show the young people that they can dream big, aim high and mostly, overcome obstacles if they put their mind to it.   We rotate the venue to ensure the young people visit each club within the region.

We have 72 young people engaged with the young people in Year 1 and are excited to see how the programme evolves.