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Strike a Change receives two-year funding

We are delighted to announce that our Strike a Change programme has been recognised by The National Lottery Community Fund!

Over the next two years, we will receive funding for this project via a Reaching Communities grant.

This is a pivotal achievement for the Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust, as it allows us to build upon the strong foundation set with our successful mentoring programme and develop innovative approaches to address the significant increase in demand for impactful initiatives and services for Young People in our communities.

We’d like to thank The National Lottery Community Fund for their support along with our wonderful team of Mentors, Young People and Partners for their steadfast commitment and dedication to improving positive outcomes for Young People across the West Midlands.

With this support, we can continue to bring in inspirational mentors to the students on the programme plus encourage them to dream big and tackle any obstacles that come their way.

For more information on our Strike a Change mentoring project, visit here.